Maria Grenfell

Welcome to the website of Maria Grenfell, composer. 


 Alegria is an orchestral piece commissioned by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra for education programs for children of primary school age. It focuses on aspects of rhythm and ostinato, and is based on the flamenco principle of 3+3+2+2+2 (12 beat cycle). Flamenco music is based on Spanish gypsy music, and is often accompanied by clapping, so there are clapping parts included for members of the orchestra. The audience may learn the simple clapping patterns so they can accompany the orchestra when they hear the patterns. The central section in 5/8 is intended as an asymmetrical contrast to the duple and triple meters of the outer sections. “Alegria” means “joy” or “happiness” in Spanish.

Instrumentation: 2*.2*.2*.2, tmp+2 strings